Creamy gold muscle

Day 2 of stepping into colour….

I am fascinated by the exuberance of bougainvillea, the extravagant riot of crimsons, magentas and splashing scarlet. These vivid brushstrokes are ablaze right now down every street in the neighbourhood.

Yet the colour I was drawn to this morning was a translucent pale honey shade that fades to ivory with age.

Subtle plumes of faded gold

threaded with trails of olive green


Each petal

rough and paper thin between my fingers

a hint of inner resistance and strength.

I see this strength mirrored in the faces of children, as they strive to make sense of a difficult word, tracking with a finger while mouthing the sounds, blending them together with a puzzled frown, determined not to give up. Finally, recognition dawns and they pronounce the word softly and then with understanding and a smile of delight.

These moments never cease to thrill me!


12 thoughts on “Creamy gold muscle

  1. I love flowers and the comfort they bring me. There are no flowers where I live right now. Winter still has its hold. But reading your post reminded me that the exuberance of those colors is just around the corner. Thank you!


    1. Thanks for reading!
      My pleasure, I’m in Western Australia and it’s full blown summer over here… in fact, bougainvillea don’t really bloom here till summer loses its edge. Over here, winter is a word rather than a season!


  2. Hello there, friend! I really appreciate this post: the way you acknowledge the exuberant colour but find yourself reveling in something quieter; the way you include a poem; the way the poem leads to children, to struggle, to strength. The whole post is gorgeous!

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  3. I love the imagery you’ve brought us – especially the “rough and paper thin” of the petals. It’s like the two shouldn’t exist as part of the same thing together, but somehow they do, a measure of both delicacy and strength. Wonderful!

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