…Green and brown and…..

Day 7 of enjoying colour…

A slice hardly ever pops out at me, the way this one did this morning, complete with colours to fit into my theme!

I was on a zoom writing lesson with my class one students as usual on a Monday morning.

Last week I had asked them to describe an object as ‘show, don’t tell’ for their homework. One by one they read their description to me, their classmates and their teacher, for us to try and guess.

There were some good descriptions, including:

“It has horns and is orange and gives us milk and eats grass.” I’ve yet to come across an orange cow.

“It’s made of wood and it shuts with a lock and key and it’s blue.” His front door is blue, but I pointed out that most doors, including those at school, are not blue.

The next little girl leaned into the ipad screen and spoke rapidly…

“It’s green and brown and gives us air.” Thanks to the connection and being an ESL student I somehow misheard ‘air’ as ‘eggs’ and was trying to imagine a green hen, as I repeated her words back to her. Her teacher corrected me. I was stumped.

That’s me in the ipad!

But not her classmates. “A tree!” they chorused enthusiastically.

Of course! For the first time, I have heard a tree described by its colours and what it gives us. I was suitably impressed!


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