‘A Small Kindness’….is ‘a visual flourish of color’

Day 8 where kindness equals colour…..

Stacey MacAnulty’s book ‘A Small Kindness‘ has quickly become one of my favourite children’s books and Wendy Leach’s illustrations are the icing on the cake when it comes to colour. The book flap describes them as ‘a visual flourish of color in this poignant book’.

I read a review somewhere online that recommended the book and its delightful message of children passing on love from one classmate to another through the simplest of gestures. Only later, did I spot how at the beginning, all the children save one are shaded in sepia. Page by page, colour is passed on to the next child through a small act of kindness. This is repeated until all the children and their classroom are coloured in ‘just like a game of tag and everyone won‘.

It starts with Alice and finally returns to her at the end. The simplicity of the dialogue and the appeal of the illustrations encompass a universal message that it pays to be kind and to ‘pass it on’.

I ordered a copy for our little school and asked the teachers to share it on the first morning of the new school year last month, just to underline what we hope school is all about for our students and how important it is to be part of a loving, caring community.

It’s the colour the world truly needs right now.


6 thoughts on “‘A Small Kindness’….is ‘a visual flourish of color’

  1. That looks like a great book indeed! The illustrations remind me of the Invisible Boy book, as the boy is in black and white in the beginning but slowly changes to colorful in the end when people start to befriend him and he’s no longer invisible. I’ll have to check this one out! We could all use a little kindness now!

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  2. This book sounds amazing. I’m getting a new grandchild in July and have been stocking up on picture books. ‘Preciate the recommendation.

    BTW: I could not remember the name of your blog so emailed Amy Ellerman for a link. I’ll be stopping by often. Glad you’re here this year.

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, I realise my heading/title is a bit weird (I actually have no idea how it happened?!) and I’m not sure how to change it…I’m sure it’s perfectly simple! I’m glad to be back too!! Celia


  3. What a delight of a book-! Kindness IS the color the world needs right now, and we need to be passing it on to one another. I like to tell students that glitter is my favorite color, just to get their reactions – very fun. You post makes me think now about what glitter might symbolize… may have to slice on this!

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  4. Haha, glitter, some teachers love it, some hate it. I actually love using glitter in our art lessons (apart from the fact it gets everywhere!) Thanks for dropping by again and would love to read a glitter slice from you!


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