A shimmer of dawn

Day 10 of experiencing colours – this time at dawn…

A brisk walk just before the sun is promising to rise… on another scorching day, making the most of dawn being just a touch later as we slip into autumn.

A big bird silhouettes to my right, winging in across the wetlands beside the river. It touches down effortlessly and almost soundlessly. A pelican. Surely one of the most original of birds. That massive beak with its huge throat sack folded onto its curved neck. It joins two other pelicans in a stately swim through the brackish water.

Splatters of pinkish cloud smooth their way up into the sky, just ahead of the emerging sun.

The spidery green foliage on both sides meets in an overhead embrace, enclosing me and other walkers in a tunnel filled with the rank smell of the wetlands. Moments later, we reemerge into fresh air and the bright dazzle of light reflecting off the glassy sweep of the next river bend.

Two man kayaks line up across the water waiting to be flagged off. The smooth even strokes of the oars mark perfect time with twin splashes each side. The boatshed catches the first rays of the sun as other rowers carry their boats down to the shoreline.

The distant hum of traffic reminds us that it’s the start of another working day.

An early morning walk into the freshness of a new day never fails to restore hope.


4 thoughts on “A shimmer of dawn

  1. What a beautiful post! The imagery transported me to a (very different) world from mine! So many lovely lines. “a stately swim through the brackish water” / “spidery green foliage on both sides meets in an overhead embrace” — thank you for sharing! We got a surprise March snowstorm last night and I needed an escape 🙂

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