Cat watch…

Day 11 of stepping into colour – shades of grey and tabby with a hint of red…

Trying to think of a suitable caption for this photo…. any suggestions?

I was thinking something along the lines of “Why pay for surveillance cameras when you’ve got me?”


10 thoughts on “Cat watch…

  1. Intriguing photo and invitation! Hmmmm…let’s see…

    You rang?

    Do not attempt to play Cat-and-Mouse with me. You cannot win.

    Good afternoon. Cat Astrophy here. One false move, and I press “record”.

    Smile! You’re on Cat-did Camera! (presuming readers know the American TV show Candid Camera)

    – this is fun!

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  2. That cat. There’s something about cats, isn’t there? Like a, “no applause, just throw money” sort of sensibility, right? I also love that the cat is sitting right next to the surveillance sign. Something tells me the cat is doing just fine holding watch…

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  3. Fran is hilarious- look at all those captions! Maybe “Surveillance cat-era” – hmm… a bit cheesy. I want to do something with that old “Police” song “I’ll be watching you” but it’s after 10pm here & my poor brain just can’t put it together.

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