A wistful sunset

Day 14 of colour choices – the palette of melancholy

A wisp of sun
Another evening gone;
Melancholy is the hint of sunlight
Through a hedge;
A memory of something I should have done.
The pace of the day slows, drags,
Ready to tip me into bed;
Summer slides into autumn,
Its colours fade through shades
Of brilliant vermilion
To softer hues;
I remember this time a year back –
And wonder if I’ll still feel burdened
This time next year
By what the world has to offer.

I’m not sure where this poem came from? I wasn’t feeling particularly melancholy this evening….


24 thoughts on “A wistful sunset

  1. I don’t know where the poem came from, but it’s lovely. This line, in particular, caught my attention: “Melancholy is the hint of sunlight/ Through a hedge”. Over in our patch of the world, we’re sliding from Winter into Spring and my current mood is a held breath: I want to be ready for Spring, but I know we have another month before it’s real.

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    1. Thanks Amanda! I was actually looking at a hedge when I wrote that line and it kind of surprised me too! Yes, winter over your way always seems to hang on tight, whereas we are begging for some days under 30 degrees (86 in F) I hope you get some warmth soon!

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  2. These lines at the end of the poem are what many of us wonder;
    “And wonder if I’ll still feel burdened
    This time next year”
    We are in that state of uncertainty about what the future holds. It sometimes just dawns on us. We have, in all corners of the world been through a surreal period. So we wonder… and hope for a better tomorrow.

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  3. I think one of the best things about writing is the way you surprise yourself. It’s amazing to simply pour out words and realize they have taken on a life of their own. You certainly gave yourself and us a wonderful surprise tonight. This poem is so deep. I love the ending because I’ve often wondered the same thing, especially if I’m feeling down.

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    1. Thanks Rita, I totally agree with allowing words to pour out of ourselves (except it doesn’t happen very often with me, so I need to make the most of it!) It was inspired by looking out of a window and getting ready to write something entirely different!

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  4. What a beautifully crafted poem. I particularly enjoyed the last lines:
    “I remember this time a year back –
    And wonder if I’ll still feel burdened
    This time next year
    By what the world has to offer.”
    Lots to think about!

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