Alas, it’s gone…!

Day 15 of exploring colour….

A brightly painted flowery pathway leads past a house that’s no longer there. It was knocked down yesterday.

Yesterday this path led past an old weatherboard cottage with a rambling unkempt garden. I’ve walked past it countless times over the past year that we’ve been living in this neighbourhood. I’ve wondered who did the painting and why. Why is there a funny looking animal tied to a swing and sometimes little objects lined up along the grassy verge?

Now the house is gone. It was knocked down yesterday. Of course I knew this was going to happen, because the ‘for sale’ sign was up for a while, then it was ‘under offer’, finally the big billboard announced it was ‘sold’. Later, they put up a high metal fence out the front. So it was just a matter of time. A few days ago there was a truck in the driveway and signs up about asbestos. It was inevitable that it would be demolished. Just like all the other older houses in this area built on large blocks of land that can now be subdivided.

Still it was a bit of a shock this morning to see the bulldozer mercilessly crushing all the remaining bits of timber as it loaded the debris onto a huge truck while someone stood holding a large hose, pouring water over everything. They were just doing their job.

I quite often wondered about who lived there and how they must have been a bit different (who paints the pavement outside their house?) How long did they live there and where are they now? Did they paint the path for their grandchildren? Could the house have been restored?

I used to enjoy walking past it because it was unique to this suburb. Most other houses around here are very traditional suburban brick homes or smart concrete block townhouses hidden behind security gates or low rise apartment buildings with landscaped gardens. I already miss the scruffy familiarity of that little cottage with its small front verandah.

It was knocked down yesterday. I can still picture it in my mind, but only just. Life goes on. Sometimes it’s called progress.



6 thoughts on “Alas, it’s gone…!

  1. You’ve got me thinking with this post. Like you, I’ve had houses in my neighborhood that quietly go up for sale, quietly get sold, quietly get fenced off, and then, seemingly overnight, get knocked down All in the Name of Progress.

    And I think about those houses, and who lives in them, and sometimes I remember what those houses looked like to start with, and other times I wonder – did I ever really SEE those houses in my walks past? Do I remember what they used to be like?

    Thanks for this thoughtful Slice.

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  2. Awesome. Yes – places like this absolutely lend themselves to the imagination. So much fun. Mostly, even though I have no idea where this neighborhood is or what the collective thinking on this is, but I love that flowery sidewalk and I hope it stays as a lasting reminder of anything that could have been, whether in reality or in imagination.

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    1. Thanks for reading. I hope it stays too… but I think it will probably fade and not be repainted. The location is a suburb in Perth, Western Australia. I haven’t been here long, but I’m sure it was once full of such places.


  3. Wow, I love the painted sidewalk. You really evoked the feeling and energy of the cabin; tender for it to be gone. A tiny walk down the road we had an amazing little cottage, like something from Beatrix Potter, with beautiful overgrown gardens. When it sold 4 years ago, they quickly tore it down and I’m still grieving! I love the cozy, off-beat places in this world… Thanks for sharing.


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