A dawn slice

Day 20 I hear the colours of dawn.

Today’s dawn is coloured by sound…

The peek of sound around the corner of a new day…

The hedgerow waves to a morning breeze and glides with fresh notes…

The warble of a magpie, the beginning chirp of songbirds…

No parrots yet, no kookaburras bursting with laughter…

The sky is grey leadlight, solid and unforgiving…

Today dawns with sun unseen….

But the clock tells me it’s already here.

This is not today’s dawn but it is much more photogenic!

8 thoughts on “A dawn slice

  1. So beautiful, the interweaving of sound and color, the feeling of morning and newness and stillness. The kookaburra captures my heart, just knowing it is near, even if silent! Gorgeous photo, imagery, and musicality of lines – a lovely. lovely aubade.

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