Thank you with a riot of colour..!

Day 31 – what colour is gratitude? It’s definitely every shade and hue you can think of!

I’ve loved every moment of this month and the writing, even the (sometimes) struggle to think of the right words to convey thoughts, emotions or a situation. This is my fifth (I think) year of slicing, three times from India and this is the second time from Australia. Being in a different time zone from most, means I usually publish my slice just before bed, when everyone else is still doing their morning routines.

I am continually thankful for the opportunity to slice and appreciate the writing of others, to comment on as many as possible and to relish the depth and diversity of topics on any given day. It was also great fun to take part in one of the zoom catch ups and put voices to a few faces and writing that I’ve become familiar with! I hope we can do some more of those.

When in doubt I add some photos of our little school in India as I am so thankful for all the students and teachers there who bring me such joy (along with a few headaches!)

The joy of learning
Phonics with bottle tops
Loving on Ruby
His first year of writing class – working on his brainstorming of ideas

We are just finishing up our explanatory writing topic. Some of the topics chosen include: how to wash dishes, how to wash your clothes, how to paint a picture, how to play chasey, how to clean the school grounds and how to cook rice.

Our new students really know how to do their actions now
We have a different student photographer every day, some of them have captured some excellent shots
No words needed
They love to do art and I love to teach them
One of my teachers sent me this great shot
Hula hoops always a favourite
Equation poetry

I saved the one above till last because Margaret talked about the success of using a photo and equation poetry in her class a few days back. I sent the idea over to India and they came up with this!

SOL22 – A heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful organisers at Two Writing Teachers, it’s been another amazing challenge!


18 thoughts on “Thank you with a riot of colour..!

  1. These photos certainly capture the colors of gratitude. They are themselves poetry. I love your theme this year, too, and am happy you were here this month. Gotta make those time zone differences work as best we can.

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  2. I really love how you choose a theme each year and run with it! The color of gratitude is perfectly fitted for our last day. Thank you for your slices and comments; I am so grateful for this writing community. Also, thank you for that awesome equation poetry idea from Margaret! I might need to use it for my last post.

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    1. Thanks again for reading and appreciating my theme, I think I strayed a bit and didn’t include as much color as I wanted but it sort of worked! My pleasure to pass on a great writing idea and hope we meet again next year, same time, same place! Like you I am so thankful for this community and the opportunity to write and read the amazing work of other writers.


  3. The gratitude and love you have for your students shines through! Thanks for being a cheerleader for me again this year. I appreciate the slicing and reading relationship we have, despite never having met. πŸ’œ

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    1. Thanks for everything and I agree it’s been great to communicate over the miles again for another month. I hope you have a very restful and enjoyable break at the end of your very stressful year.


  4. I have enjoyed your posts so much – you infuse the world with your own beautiful colors! Once again, the photos of these precious children are priceless. I love how Margaret’s equation poem went around the globe – this makes such a lovely conclusion. The work you do, the way you see the world, and your heart of faith have enriched my days – color me grateful. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Fran, for being such a vital part of this slicing experience and sharing your encouraging comments. I do love color in all its forms, I think I strayed a bit from my original intentions, but managed to hold it together. Hoping to join in a bit more on Tuesdays during this year!

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  5. I am beaming with gratitude. The original equation poem comes from Laura Purdue Salas. She has a delightful book of them called Snowman-cold=puddle. Children + imagination = poetry!

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