My autumn/fall reflections

It’s perfect autumnal/fall weather at the moment as the southern hemisphere slides towards winter (never as scary a proposition weather wise as it is in the northern hemisphere).

pelican on a pole

When I spotted a pelican perched on top of this sign on one of my daily walks, I had to take a photo. It looked so blissfully comfortable. They are the most extraordinary looking birds, all pouched beak and heavy rounded body with a disproportionately small head and intense eyes. It turned its head to give me a withering stare, but fortunately chose not to fly away.

We are blessed that our city is interwoven with a network of paths for walking and biking and right now it is a pleasure to walk at any time of the day.

At school (in the northern hemisphere) students are loving the warmer weather and relaxed atmosphere as they enjoy being back at school full time. They are right into pulling funny faces and the delights of hula hooping. The top class take turns with a school ipad and are now learning how to produce statements on their photos!

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