Barefoot skateboarding

Slice of Life Day 20

I am a sucker for any heartwarming educational story in a developing country but I think this is one of my favourite.

A German lady has initiated a skateboarding park in a small village in the west of India. She did something similar in Afghanistan many years ago. The village here was a bit like the “wild, wild west” as she puts it and clearly divided along caste and gender lines.

She has two rules for the park.




Guess what, they had to get an extra teacher for the school as suddenly all the students were turning up.

Girls can get a skateboard off a boy just by saying “Girls first” and females are being treated with more respect.

Plus the caste division lines are disappearing within the village and people are talking to each other.




There are 700,000 villages in India. I think there should be a skateboarding park in every one!

5 thoughts on “Barefoot skateboarding

  1. What great lessons to be teaching! And such an unusual motivation. My son is a skateboarder and a psychology major – he would love this picture and slice!

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