A Southern Silo Mural

Slice of Life Day 28

Maybe you are familiar with, or have come across many murals painted on the sides of those enormous grain-housing edifices, but this was a first for me.

It’s in a little country town in South Australia and was painted just last year. The signboards give a clear and detailed overview along with photos explaining how the idea came about, its artistic significance and its impact on the community.

We drove past it in January and I was just blown away by the scale and amazing sense of perspective. As someone said, how do you keep that sense of perspective when you are up in a cherry picker metres above the ground and you can only see one tiny part of the whole?

I love the way the subtle colours just blend into the silos’ shapes and hues. The artist has  painted the children with such sensitivity, depth and tenderness.


And now something that was such a necessary installation but most definitely not attractive, has suddenly been transformed into a work of art!




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