Spotted on a rooftop!

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 18


Between the breeze blown skirts and flapping sheets,

I glimpsed small figures, two pairs marching in time

To their own private beat, older sibling demonstrating

The rhythm with hands and high stepping knees,

Behind the recycled disposable nappies.

With the television silent and school closed,

I chanced upon this sweet rooftop moment.





14 thoughts on “Spotted on a rooftop!

  1. Couldn’t be more different than my own post from today, but siblings are siblings, hey? Love the prose, love the picture. Thanks for a slice that took me away for a moment.

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  2. Agree with Catherine – this slice took me away for a moment. As I scrolled slowly through the words, I was forming my own image in my mind. The photograph actually took my breath away – so different than my image. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Staying connected with our loved ones is so important in this time. Love the connections here with your family. Feeling in control is important.

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