A Time to Write…

The title of my blog is A Time To Write, so today I take that little letter ‘t’ which is ubiqitous and write about time….it’s time to write about time.

Twelve days have floated by in the slice of life challenge, so time is passing, it’s always like that … time passes…

Time can be busy

Time can be slow

TIme can allow you to wallow

in minutes or

Terrify you with hours

Even days

Time is there

But it’s always passing

So is it really there?

Time slides to a halt

To keep you guessing

Or picks up its skirts

And it’s gone.

Listen to its passing;

“It’s two o’clock already!”

“Just five more minutes!”

We’ve got hours to do that!”

“That will take ages!”

“Please wait, I’ve almost finished!”

Does time wait? Not today,

Maybe tomorrow we get another chance..

The letter ‘t’ has a soft phonic sound with the tongue just behind your front teeth. It’s not hard to pronounce because there is no stress that is needed with a ‘d’. So sometimes students say ‘t’ not ‘d’, but not the other way round. It is supposed to be written with a shorter stick than a ‘d’ or an ‘h’, but I don’t think anyone bothers about that any more. But when you type it next to an ‘h’ you notice the difference. A straight stick with a little line across is easy for kids to learn to write and pronounce.

Fancy or plain, ‘t’ is one of our most useful letters. “Two tired tigers trotted to the trees talking tactics.” A sentence of words starting with ‘t’ requires almost no effort!


15 thoughts on “A Time to Write…

  1. I loved your take on time. “Time slides to a halt To keep you guessing Or picks up its skirts And it’s gone.” The older I get the faster it moves. “Listen to it passing.” I have never thought about it that way before, but have spoken all of your examples. I’ll be thinking about how I am using my time this weekend.

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  2. tickticktickticktick…yeah, gotta love that T! I also love the playfulness and joy you bring to your exploration of each letter. T-hank you!

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  3. Love this so, and it’s apropos. Here in the US we switch to “Daylight Savings Time” tonight—or at 2 a.m., and I guarantee I won’t get up for it! I rue the change. I also wrote a TERRIBLE poem about clock’s hands and decided against posting it. I love these Terrific letter explorations.

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