A whirlwind of weddings and …the wonder of writing

In the month of December we had two family weddings within the space of a week, as two of our three daughters were married. It was a wonderful time, despite certain restrictions and a few guests from overseas and interstate unable to come. Our daughters took care of all of the preparations themselves and kept the ceremony and the reception simple. That made it super easy for me to be there and just enjoy the day.

They both chose to have gorgeous bouquets of mainly native Australian flowers, that turned out to be surprisingly heavy! The two in blue are twins.

They both married in one of our magnificent local parks in the afternoon and then had an early evening reception in a nearby hotel. They were each other’s bridesmaid along with our third daughter. The families of both husbands were unable to attend, as one is from the US and one from Kenya.

Our oldest daughter was the first to get married. These enormous trees are Moreton Bay Figs, their root system is as impressive as their height.

Joy and laughter, the essence of a wedding day.

I love romantic wedding poses!

A very good friend of our family who is a wedding photographer took these stunning photos.

So 2020 was not the best of years but it definitely ended on a high for our family!

The letter w is easy to pronounce with your mouth forming a circle. It’s not difficult to write either as it is basically two ‘v’s or four short diagonal strokes, joined together on the line in both the small and capital letter form. I love the French word for ‘w’ which is ‘double v’ (dooble vay) because it tells you exactly that, it is a double v!

16 thoughts on “A whirlwind of weddings and …the wonder of writing

  1. This celebration love makes me so happy. Gorgeous brides. Handsome grooms. Congratulations to both couples. May they know peace and love that grows deeper each passing year. ❤️❤️

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  2. What a glorious post and grand finale to your alphabetical approach! What could be more festive and celebratory than “wedding”? Everything here is so beautiful, everything – the brides (oh my, two daughters so close together!!) – the family, the obvious joy on everyone’s face, and those Bay Fig trees that now I am longing to see. One more reason to visit this continent (which I’ve been longing to do for many years). I also loved reading your handwritten reflection – all so true. Now to see what you do in the days ahead, with your Slices…

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    1. Thanks and if you do make it across to Australia one day, please do let me know, so we might possibly meet up, that would be amazing. It is a continent full of wonders and when I left England for here, there was no way I could ever live back there again. This country captured my heart and still holds it! Thanks again for your wonderful words.

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  3. I’m so glad you could be there for the weddings! I think I remember reading a slice before where you weren’t sure if you’d be able to get home for them (I think it was you!). What a beautiful family you have!!

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    1. Thank you so much and yes, thanks for remembering, our oldest daughter got married back in April in a registry office with no guests, while we were still in India and we watched through a live stream. It was because of a visa renewal for her husband who is American. She planned the wedding (she already had the dress and venue booked) for December, but some restrictions were still in place. That’s how come the weddings were so close together when they were meant to be months apart!


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