A primary shade

Day four of stepping into colour…..

Blue is a primary colour. It is the only cool primary, as yellow and red are considered warm colours. Blue comes in a multitude of shades. Ultramarine, royal, navy, prussian, phthalo, cobalt, cerulean, indigo, turquoise and teal, to name but a few. It’s definitely known as a soothing and calming colour, perhaps because it’s associated with water?

When I look up at the arc of the sky or spend time by an ocean, I always feel more relaxed and able to cope. I think of blue as solid and reliable, without fuss or bother.

Blue doesn’t really exist in nature. Not many flowers are blue. On a bush walk last year, we came across a tiny blue orchid. I was mesmerised by its luminous petals, more precious than any sapphire.

Almost no animals are blue either. There are only a few birds that are blue, like this male fairy wren that is native to Australia.

How does blue appeal to you?


12 thoughts on “A primary shade

  1. What beautiful pictures! I love shades of blue too! My favorite color is turquoise, but I can’t resist a royal blue or cerulean. There’s this gorgeous blue/purple color here when the hydrangeas are in bloom that stops me in my tracks.

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  2. That blue orchid! Wow. I adore blue and have also wondered why there is so little blue in nature. (The sky doesn’t want anyone to steal its attention?) Bluebirds are my favorite blue of nature — we have a little family that live around my yard and neighborhood and the little blue flash of their wings never fail to cheer me up.

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    1. Thanks for reading! We don’t get bluebirds over here, but I’ve heard them mentioned so many times over the years. Amazing to have a family nearby! There is a scientific explanation about blue in nature, something to do with molecules that I googled but don’t fully understand!


  3. GORGEOUS color here, and yes, so rare in nature. I have a book called The Blue Hour about this – breathtakingly beautiful, not to mention “the blue hour” around sunset being a real thing and so enchanting that I’ve written it into my poems over and over. Love the inspiration your colorful posts bring.

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