Playful pandas and smiley faces for the win!

Day 18 of colour – another fun art lesson…shades of green and orange contrast with the pandas.

When you’re running out of ideas and time to post a slice, you realise the photos that were just airdropped to your ipad from India will be a winner…!

Developing cutting skills

Last week they drew and painted their pandas. Today they carefully cut them out.

Working in pairs, the older ones are doing the cutting

Two kindergarten classes do art together once a week. They usually work in pairs, with each older student helping a new one. New students have never held a paintbrush or used scissors until coming to school.

Gluing and finishing off

Last week they painted green bamboo stems against a contrasting background. Today they stuck their pandas onto the bamboo.

Then they drew and painted something for their pandas to hold and drew some texture onto the black fur.


As usual everyone had a lot of fun. Most of my lessons come from a wonderful kids art website, called Deep Space Sparkle. The paint supplies have come from overseas.

Here are today’s finished works of art. Have a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “Playful pandas and smiley faces for the win!

    1. Thanks Glenda! Art is just not a part of normal student life over in India so I am thrilled to bring some colour and vibrancy into their world. They just love the freedom to express themselves and our local student photographer caught some great shots!


  1. I was watching a documentary on pandas this week; they are absolutely riveting creatures. The joy on these littles ones faces as they make their art-! That contrast of orange and green just pops – a very welcome jolt of energy. The happiness here is palpable. We should all seek to add such color and texture to our days 🙂

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