The sunflower jungle

Day 24 – yellow is one of my favourite colours and today it’s my salute to sunflowers and Ukraine….

Three years ago we planted some sunflower seeds (brought from Australia in a small packet) at school. This was the second year we had tried to plant sunflowers. The previous year’s crop failed.

The students planted, weeded and watered

And they grew….

As tall as our tallest students….

Way past the teeny tiny ones….

They just didn’t stop….!

Tall enough to play hide and seek in…

students needed a ladder to reach the flowers!
Perfect for playing chasey

The blooms were magnificent….

Little did we know the significance they would take on this year…

Our hearts ache and we mourn for you,

Children of Ukraine,

Displaced, wounded, stricken, dying.



9 thoughts on “The sunflower jungle

  1. So gorgeous and haunting. Just now I have a sense of us all as seeds in the face of the sunflower…your poem expresses the horror and grief so many of us are feeling about this thing that is so wrong.

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    1. Thanks, Fran. That is a great image of us as the seeds (and some of those sunflowers had an enormous amount of seeds!) There is a sense of forlornness when we hear news like this which is stunning in its tragedy, I remember a similar feeling when the horrors of Rwanda unfolded all those years ago. History just keeps on repeating itself.


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