The school cat

Day 27 – the colours of an ordinary black and grey striped tabby who brings joy to our classrooms…

When we had to return to Australia, I was concerned about the welfare of our little cat, Ruby, who had been with us for about three years. She is a very affectionate cat but had never really spent time around the students. She also took time to warm to people who were not familiar to her.

At first she was fed by one of the teachers who lives close by and tended to hang around when other teachers were at school during the day, but I was sure she must be feeling lonely. One time last year she disappeared for nearly a week. People in the neighbourhood are capable of doing strange things. We once had a kitten stolen by a stranger who stuffed him in his bag and we never saw him again. It is rumoured that some people eat cats as well as dogs.

I finally discovered that there was one teacher who was keen to look after her. She lives at home with her mum and sisters and they all like cats. It has been an amazing match! She lives within walking distance of the school and every day she brings Ruby with her in a basket and takes her home the same way at the end of the day. Ruby has adapted to being inside when she is in Fresilia’s home and then roaming free as usual at school.

The Tiger Who Came for Tea is one of her favourites!

As you can see she is now right at home with all of the students.

She loves listening to reading.

Watching an online phonics program that we use at school

I think she fancies herself as a bit of a phonics expert.

She’s also in charge of the library.

She definitely makes a great therapy cat.

She has pretty much become part of the furniture.

I am so delighted that she has become another part of our school community.

I now get regular updates and photos of what Ruby is up to and I’m so grateful that she is an integral part of the school. The photo below says it all…!



14 thoughts on “The school cat

  1. Now you have me wishing I, too, had a school cat! Actually, there’s something about an animal that brings out so much positive in children. Children who don’t show empathy to other children find themselves pouring it out for a furry friend. And others who might be sad or lonely have a companion, even if it’s only for a few pets before it moves on.

    Thank you for sharing this slice. It made me smile (purr?).

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    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating Lainie! I do agree that pets offer something that helps children to relax and unwind. Some of our students come out of difficult family situations (apart from being poor). We have a dog there too who is very friendly and much loved, but I think a therapy cat is more unusual.

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  2. Wow, that cat is a leader in your class with all the work she does! I love the vibrant pictures and the captions as well. But, I love that Ruby gets to visit all the time! Very cool!

    Thank you for sharing with us today! 🙂

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