Burundi baby beanies!

Slice of Life Day 10 SOL19

In December last year, one of my daughters asked me if I’d like to crochet some hats for the little newborns in the clinic where she is working as a volunteer for a year. She’s a midwife and her heart’s desire has always been to deliver babies in Africa. She’s currently in Burundi (next door to Rwanda where the terrible massacres took place and the tribal groupings are the same, mainly Hutu and Tutsi). She’s already worked at different times in both Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

So I got out my crochet hooks and looked up several simple patterns on YouTube and decided some bright, multi-coloured wool would probably look the best. I even got sunburnt, searching for wool in Australia. Seems in summer there is a lack of soft, colourful wool in most stores! Also crocheting is not really a summertime project, but those babies needed their beanies!


Eventually I managed to finish about twenty little hats in varying shades, during the six weeks I had between Ruth’s request and when we met up briefly, back in India where she came for a friend’s wedding.

Oh the thrill it gives me, when she sends me another photo of a baby she’s just delivered wearing one of those little beanies!




14 thoughts on “Burundi baby beanies!

  1. I loved your post. I have always wanted to crochet or knit hats for babies. I need to get started on that. I admire what you are doing and you are so fortunate to get pictures of the babies wearing their hats. So special!

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    1. Simply put, I walked a very long distance (didn’t have a car to use and it was hard to locate wool) in the sun without much shade and without thinking I might get burned as I’d just come from winter in India….silly, silly, silly, but worth it! The sun in Australia is hot!


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