An Inspirational Woman…!

SOL Challenge Day 8#

One of the things I love about Instagram is that by following someone whom you met once very briefly, she may put up a post that leads you in turn to someone else who is also worth following and that person has a podcast featuring many interesting interviews and then a couple of weeks ago she does an interview with …. a war doctor!

I am seriously in awe of doctors and their skills and using them in a war zone is something else….!

Dr Samantha Nutt is a Canadian who is also described as a philanthropist. She has been working in war torn areas for over sixteen years and even more importantly, looking for solutions to end wars and all their collateral damage particularly with regard to women and children who are so often the helpless victims.

sam nutt

The interviewer said she has been listed as one of the twenty-five most influential people in Canada. She describes herself as growing up “small and scrappy” and that combined with a surname like “Nutt” meant she had to be tough because other kids made fun of her name! It all figures….!

Both in the interview and in a TED talk, she shares about the frightening small firearms problem in the world, as so many guns fall into the hands of rebels, terrorists and unlawful governments and the fighting goes on and on…. Almost all these weapons come through the five permanent member nations of the UN, namely the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, plus Germany.

She is the founder and director of an organisation called War Child and desires to see more children educated in war infected areas, before another generation goes uneducated and hence another war starts….

She is a determined and impassioned advocate who has faced death herself many times. In the interview she tells us that nothing will be solved quickly, but it is a matter of putting one foot forward in front of the other.

What an amazing lady and what a role model for students to look up to!

If you’re interested in the podcast where I found her interview, it is called Seize the Yay with Sarah Davidson, an Australian lady who used to be a lawyer and now describes herself as a funtrepreneur.






8 thoughts on “An Inspirational Woman…!

  1. Great slice and suggestion for what sounds like a great podcast and TED Talk. I also love how different podcasts can take us to another great one. Sometimes they can seem like the podcast rabbit hole. Always more to learn!

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  2. Dear LivingLife,

    How exciting to experience this as a listener! I agree with you. Instagram can be a wonderful vehicle for meeting others with fascinating narratives. I’m so glad you came across such a phenomenal individual whose life work is so positively impacting others. Job well done!

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