Is this children’s book worth doing anything with?

Slice of Life Challenge #Day 23

Advice needed please!!!

I wrote this book about thirteen years ago for our first grandson who is about to turn fifteen. I based it on my teaching knowledge up to that point and the kind of stories that I liked to read to my children when they were small and on the cat I owned at the time, a sweet ginger male named Sass.

If it wasn’t for that word I refuse to mention in my slices any more, I wouldn’t have had the time to be scrolling through my hard drive for a particular photo and memory. In the process I came across these scans I made while putting my story together…I’ve no idea if the original book has survived three boys and several house moves (might have to check with my son and daughter-in-law on that one….)

I’m going to upload the cover and a few of the pages and I would love to know if anyone thinks it could be worth doing something with…. and how would I go about that? I thought who better to ask than a whole audience of writing teachers, many of whom have published their own books?! Don’t worry, if you think it’s rubbish, I can handle it!

I hope you enjoy a little taste anyway!


The front cover



These are the opening two pages, now I’ll skip a couple….



These are a couple of pages taken out of sequence from the next seven pages, so all in all, it’s not a very long book.


And here is my main character, Sass, aka Curvy Cat! I had to leave him with someone else when we moved. He became best friends with their dog and cat and then I lost touch. I doubt that he’s around any longer, but he had a good life!

Love to know what you think??


8 thoughts on “Is this children’s book worth doing anything with?

  1. I like how you insert a little “I spy” on each page of your story. I makes it two books in one. I don’t know a thing about getting published, but I think it’s something you should look into.

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  2. I second arjeha. I love the premise, the art, and the language. I, too, know nothing about publishing—especially children’s books, but I know what I like. This is a keeper!

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  3. I know precisely nothing about publishing – well, that’s not true: I know that it’s super-hard. I absolutely love the illustrations here & the way you ask questions on each page – what do you lose if you try?

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