“It’s all in the kneading!”

PS. Circumstances also meant that the photo app on my laptop decided to foreclose on me last night and none of my photos would open or download. I felt that I needed them for this particular slice, but I was feeling too tired to do anything about it after several failed attempts, so went to bed.

Thankfully I’m on a different timeline from the US, so knew I’d have another opportunity early today (which is still yesterday for the majority of slicers!)

(ASIDE) This morning I googled a solution and it worked…! I have to say time and again I have thanked Google for solutions, even though people say not to make it your go to…. but in times like this, its ability to throw out possibilities, factual or not, never ceases to amaze me….!

Slice of Life Challenge #Day25

Circumstances mean we can’t get into the capital which is where we buy our bread every three weeks or so. The local bread is very soft and quite sweet and doesn’t taste like bread should. And who even knows, if it’s being baked anyway for the next 21 days?

I have some packet yeast and a few weeks back (nothing to do with the current situation) I decided to make a loaf. I have to say my attempts were a bit minimal even though the bread still tasted pretty good.

So yesterday (today when I originally wrote this) I got my husband to help with the kneading part. His hands are much stronger and more practically efficient than mine, so I thought it would help the end product!

Oh my goodness, it made all the difference! That ball of dough just rose and rose the first time around and then when it was shaped into a loaf it again doubled in size.

IMG_2290 (2)

After the second rising and ready for the oven!

Kneading is an incredibly therapeutic process, just the methodical pushing down, folding out and quarter turns, as the dough starts to elasticise and fill with air, thanks to you and the yeast, it’s truly thrilling! I know most commercial baking can’t do it like this any more, but I wonder if small business bakers still feel the delight and are more relaxed than most? I hope it never becomes mechanical to them…!


Fresh out of the oven, it’s a winner (probably more than double my own pathetic attempts!)

IMG_1947 (1)

It’s not only therapeutic but tastes delicious…Now we just have to ration it unless I can source some more yeast in the next few weeks!

{Thanks to our daughter for the title quote which she made in her response to my WhatsApp photo of the loaf on our family WhatsApp group} Family is so precious right now!


14 thoughts on ““It’s all in the kneading!”

  1. Your loaf looks scrumptious! I’ve been thinking about making bread. I don’t have any yeast so I have been reading up on sourdough starters. Once you start the starter it’ll be ready to use in 5 days. So if you start now you could be baking bread in 5 days 😊

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  2. I love this slice!

    I’ve often wondered about the mental benefits of baking, especially making bread. I’ve thought it would be kind of fun to hook a baker up to some electrodes and see what parts of the brain get stimulated when we knead bread. I’m guessing it’s pretty good for our system. =)

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  3. Your bread is as beautiful as your post! Thank you for sharing this slice with us today – now if I could only have a slice from the picture…! That would be PERFECT! #enjoy (and thanks for making me smile) ~Carla Michelle

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  4. There is truly something therapeutic about the process of making bread. I took pictures of my own loaf-making efforts the other day with an eye toward writing a future slice. This line popped out for me “I wonder if small business bakers still feel the delight and are more relaxed than most? I hope it never becomes mechanical to them…!” It made me wonder what parts of my daily life have lost that initial delight with repetition. Enjoy your bread! It must taste even sweeter for being a joint effort. PS I count myself lucky to have just purchased a jar of yeast not long ago, for the stores are sold out here and supposedly Amazon is, too.

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    1. Thank you, yes, it is definitely therapeutic, but my kneading efforts don’t produce the same results as my husband. I never thought there’d be a shortage of yeast! I’m going to try to make a sourdough starter tomorrow.


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