Kitten duties

I need to get this post written while my charge is napping. Yes, I’m on kitten duties which is a not too strenuous task that involves keeping an eight week old bundle of tortoiseshell energy amused during her waking hours. We have also shut her in our daughter’s room as there is another CAT in the house who is aware that SOMETHING IS GOING ON, that she probably doesn’t approve of. Something has come into her kingdom and she is not sure how to react. In the research I’ve been able to do so far, I’ve found out that they should be introduced gently to each other through a closed door, towards the end of a two week period. Any further tips would be gratefully received.

So this little furball has had no trouble being separated from her sister and brothers, eats food like it’s going out of fashion and of course loves to play. Little soccer balls of paper, twisty bits of paper attached to string, pen lids, bottle tops and a feather lie scattered around the room. She loves them all and usually entertains herself as long as someone is in the room.

Occasionally the action stops and you look down into this irresistible little face, wondering what the next play item is that you’re going to toss her way.

Fortunately little kittens need to nap long and fairly often, so the work is not taxing and I can easily fulfil every other thing I need to do on a daily basis and have the added delight of a very small and amusing companion.

Tomorrow I’m going to look for some more natural toys, like gum nuts, seedpods and maybe some dried leaves on my walk. I went into the local supermarket and nearly died at the price of cat toys that I don’t know if she’ll even appreciate.

So many ways to write a curly K!

‘K’ is a very easy letter to sound out and doesn’t usually cause confusion with whether it’s a ‘c’ hard sound or a ‘k’. There are almost no 3 letter words starting with ‘k’ introduced in kindergarten, except perhaps ‘kit’. It’s sometimes called the ‘kicking k’ to distinguish it from its little cousin as it supposedly looks a bit like someone kicking an object.

It does look very decorative and attractive when written as a loopy curly capital letter, so I had a bit of fun experimenting. Normally students don’t have any problem writing the letter. They just some practice with making the two small sticks diagonal to each other. Since I started writing this, part of the phonics alphabet, ‘the king kicked a kettle, k, k, k’ has been running through my head, no wonder the kids never forget that line (even if they don’t really know what a king is!)

13 thoughts on “Kitten duties

  1. That sounds like a fun day job! Her face reminds me of cats we had when I was growing up – they were calicos but had similar coloring. Toys are very pricey and if she likes the handmade things than great 🙂

    I don’t know if I ever learned the slogan for K but it is a good tongue twister and you write the letter many times!

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  2. Those EARS. And…while you’ve got me thinking, perhaps if we flip the K, we could possibly envision some little kittycat ears popping up there…?

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  3. Little kitten is so cute. I’d love to have a new kitten, but I’m afraid my cat would not react well. I worry she’d start marking things. I love seeing the kitten photos and didn’t know this info about introducing a bee cat into the home.

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  4. That kitten-look is too adorable. And her nap look is even cuter! I love how you integrated your post with all the K fonts and sounds. But, Oh(!!), that kitten!

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  5. A purrr-fect Slice! That little kitten has STOLEN my heart and I would not even care if I am allergic – I would keep her. Laughed out loud at “I nearly died at the price of cat toys.”

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  6. Oh, if that Kitten grows into her ears, she’s going to be a large girl! I love kittens, all the ways you describe her playfulness and propensity for dozing. We got a kitten in November, a rescue, before March shut down. My husband was ambivalent, but after sending our wonderful prior feline to the Elysian fields, I missed my snuggles. Thanks goodness for our “Cowboy.” He refused to let us wallow in despair. Kittens keep you entertained! Those two will adjust before you know it. ENJOY!

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  7. She is the most gorgeous thing ever!!! Oh how I miss kittens! You might try feeding your older cat some canned food or treats outside the door and playing with her if she enjoys play. Anything to relax her and help her understand that things associated with the kitten are good. Some of our cats have needed months to be introduced to each other; others were ready in 5 minutes. I think so much depends on the cat personalities. This little girl is so tiny, it’s hard to imagine that she will be a threat to your older cat, but you just never know. Distraction is always good so maybe have toys ready when you introduce so you can lure Kitten away if you need to.


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