Acrostic affirmation…!

Yesterday I spent my usual zoom lesson chatting with my Class 1 students (I am in the ipad!) and listening to their acrostic poems. I was pleasantly surprised to find they have a very positive approach to their acrostic self naming as you will discover in the example below…!

Early riser
Never give up

Here is another equation poem in a picture. If you have a better ‘equation’ caption, please let me know!

Finally, my kindergarten friend with the blue glasses and so many quotable quotes, has learned my name and calls me Celia frequently (even though I only see him once or twice a week after school).

One afternoon last week, he decided to get up on top of the low perimeter cement block wall that frames the playground, while other children played on the equipment and several older students were timing each other, doing laps around the outside. In the midst of all the noise and chaotic activity he was concentrated and immersed in his own world, carefully placing one small foot in front of the other. As he turned another corner he looked over at me and stated, “Look at me, Celia, I don’t even have to use my aeroplane arms to do this!”

I think part of the joy I felt was the realisation that much of what we tell our students as teachers, does go in and really sticks!


6 thoughts on “Acrostic affirmation…!

  1. I love the acrostic. It’s such a good strategy for affirming students and getting them to think positively about themselves. That slide reminds me of one we had when I was a child. My father brought it home from an old elementary school that had closed. It even had a bar on top like that one.

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    1. Thank you Glenda for your encouragement as always! believe it or not that slide was knocked over last Saturday by a branch falling out of the tree above during a storm (at night so nobody around!). Fortunately it is undamaged and now back in place!


  2. This post made my morning and set me up for a smiley day. Such positivity with the acrostic and the equation poems. I can absolutely picture the little boy in blue glasses concentrating as he makes his way along the perimeter of the block wall—and his pride when he crows, “Celia…no aeroplane arms!” Love this!

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  3. I’m always struck by the joy in your students’ faces and how they find it in their work. They – and you!- bring the joy to your readers. I cannot think of a better equation for that photo on the slide – you capture the truth. I am chuckling over that priceless, precious boy in the blue glasses calling you by your first name (reminds me of my own kids and grandkids who did and do this). Celia is such a beautiful name – calling to mind the heavens, the stars – perfect for you!

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  4. Thank you Fran, for your lovely comments as always, I have been ‘missing’ from Slice of Life the past couple of weeks but am determined to return today…! (As it’s after hours school care, all students call those in charge by their first names which I enjoy!)


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