So near and yet so far…

Day 10 Slice of Life 03/10/2018

Posted early as it’s already 10th here and I won’t have internet access for the rest of the day or some of tomorrow.

Today’s Bedtime Math fun facts involved alligators and is a lot of fun if you want to go to their website. That reminded me of crocodiles which abound in Australia (I always have to look up the difference between alligators and crocodiles and then I immediately forget what it is!)

Anyway, I was reminded of the time when we lived in beautiful far north Queensland for a year or so. It’s a tropical paradise apart from the humidity and the following facts…..

You would see an amazing beach and long to dive in for a swim and you’d be faced with this sign:


or maybe this one warning against jellyfish which may be minute but are deadly:

:crocs 2

Sad but true, those magnificent seas are home to some very deadly animals and it is often hard to find a safe spot to swim. Sometimes there is a net around an area about the size of a swimming pool that is safe, but not always.

That’s quite apart from those sharks that abound all around the coast of Australia and can appear at any given time. Which is why most beaches are patrolled by helicopters as well as lifeguards and I think they use drones these days too!

5 thoughts on “So near and yet so far…

  1. Oh my! A beach where you can’t swim is like a piece of chocolate in your hand that you can’t eat. Painful! (In more ways than one)


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