What happened to your hair?

Slice of Life Day 23

bantei 1

It’s not unusual for kids to come to our school with a shaved head. The usual reason is head lice which is actually not as bad a problem here as on the hot plains of India, but still happens a fair bit….but this was a different story.

“So what happened to your hair Bantei?” A sidelong glance at his fellow students and some giggles.

Obviously not the same story this time.

“My little brother set fire to it.”

‘Your brother what….?!”

“He was playing with matches behind me and I didn’t realise, but then I smelt burning…”

“So your hair was on fire?”

“Yes, just a little, I put it out with my hands but there were patches. So my big brother shaved it off to make it look better.”

We laughed and laughed. His smile says it all!

16 thoughts on “What happened to your hair?

  1. I loved his matter-of-fact answer. Does he know he has that in common with the famous King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Maybe he will be world famous one day. He’s handsome enough…

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