My Pet Peeve aka Internet woes….

I’m sure everyone faces internet problems, but maybe not quite like those experienced in a rurally located town in northeast India, 95 kilometres from the capital? Okay, I’m very fortunate to have a broadband connection at all and it has progressed from about 5 kb per second to a whole lot faster over these past years (when it’s functioning!).

I really can’t run the school without it, my local teachers and the students need the help of online practice reading programs and ways of doing school very differently from the ‘learn by heart’ rote method imposed on most of India.


So that slowly revolving circle in the middle of the screen sometimes makes me want to shriek with frustration!

And right now, it’s happening in the middle of writing a slice and trying to comment on as many other slicers’ writing as possible…(read that as…as many other slicers as the internet will allow me tonight!!) Being in India, I’m on a different timeline from the SOL challenge so if there’s a thunderstorm and they switch off the internet tonight (in case of a lightning strike), then I have the hope that they may have remembered to turn it back on ‘early-ish’ in the morning. Nobody gets to the local telecom office before 11 am and if the internet is not working, that’s an excuse to arrive even later.

I have the head of the department as my most ‘popular’ (not by choice) number. He’s usually away or unreachable, unless I plod up to the office where I may capture him doing what appears to be very minimal work, in maybe 2 out of 5 visits. His assistants have pretty much zero English, so it’s impossible to ask them anything, even where their boss might be.

Even when he’s there, the stock reply to “So when will the internet be back on?” is… “Can’t say, ma’am.”

Once again I smile sweetly and explode with annoyance inwardly!

Fortunately there is a really helpful young man who does his best to steer me and the school through most of the ridiculous situations we sometimes face. I know when he says, “Can’t say,” he means it and it’s not just an excuse. One of the difficulties is that most people do not use broadband, but only access the internet through their mobile phone internet deals (super cheap over here), so the situation is not likely to improve more than it has over the years till now.


I don’t actually have a  photo of my favourite internet assistant up the pole but you get the picture although the poles here are smaller of course. This was taken in a big city some years ago…

Yesterday, he told me of a new solution called FTTH (don’t you just love acronyms) that I am going to try. Now I just need to wait for the particular modem it requires to be in stock….there’s always some reason for a delay, but I’ll keep you posted!



20 thoughts on “My Pet Peeve aka Internet woes….

  1. That internet assistant job looks super safe! I’m guessing there’s only so much of this type of thing that you can happily say is part of the adventure?

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  2. We have come to be so dependent on reliable connections … it truly impacts how we work, think and live. While there are so many benefits, I also see the downsides. A constant need to stay tuned in, the pressure to work far too long, and the ability to respond swiftly without thought and consideration. Glad you are sticking with it — delays and all!

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  3. Gracious! I used to be a tech teacher, and when the internet wasn’t feeling well or it was storming, it was HARD! Hope that storm passes you by and you have a very safe and connected day!

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  4. A different perspective on things we take for granted is very welcome! We’ve lived on our acreage for about 12 years and when we first moved out, we had to deal with dial-up Internet. We welcomed DSL with open arms about 7 years ago, and yet now, feel like “OMG it’s so slow.” Nothing like reading about other people’s Internet woes to help you realize, yes, this is just fine!

    Thank you for sharing this slice with us and keep on slicing! 🙂

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  5. I’m far away from India but feel your frustration. We have our own internet problems here in Idaho, but nothing quite like you’ve described.

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  6. I lived in Vietnam and China for a number of years and seeing people up poles on a regular basis, made me so anxious! I was never in a super rural part of the country but I think I can relate to some of your frustrations!

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  7. This slice really reminds us all (in America with good WiFi and hotspots galore) the real struggles of relying on the internet. Not just relying but committing to someone online when it’s unreliable. I am in much awe that you are doing the March slice of life challenge! That little circle drives me insane!

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  8. I can relate to your frustrations about Internet issues, although your issues are minor compared to what I’ve experienced abroad. I think living in a rural area makes it harder. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world.

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