The whole country is in lockdown!

Slice of Life Challenge Day 12#

Well, I guess it’s inevitable that this would happen in such an enormously populated country! All borders are sealed for a month, from tomorrow up to April 15th and visas suspended. That means our son and two grandsons can’t visit on April 1st.

If you’re in the country your visa is okay. But I need to get out, on the 20th April… so looks like I’m going to endure a month of suspense as we see how this all goes….

When you make a call to someone these days, you have to hold on for about two minutes while someone coughs at you and then explains in Hindi how to avoid catching the virus (presumably). The first time I heard it I got quite a shock, I was like, why on earth is whoever I was calling, coughing at me over the phone?

We are getting messages like the following because pretty much the entire population has their own or is able to access a mobile phone (incredibly cheap rates of course) :

IMG_1893 (1)

Hopefully they all receive it in a language they understand.

And now, my writing classes are writing an imaginative story for me and one student has written about a girl who gets sick with….(you’ve guessed it) and then her friend hates her because she will spread the disease… I quietly told her and the rest of the class that this is not an acceptable or reasonable plot for a made up story. Goodness knows what the local news or the TV is telling them at this stage.

Still praying we get to our daughter’s wedding next month, tickets are rerouted and booked, but will there be any flights…???





17 thoughts on “The whole country is in lockdown!

  1. Good grief! What a mess this is. I hope you get to the wedding. We are on the way to a wedding right now. As for the premise of the student story…well, it seems to me that she is writing what’s on her worrying mind.

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  2. These are trying times for sure. I worry about the same thing your student seems to be thinking, the stigma associated with getting the virus. I hope things clear up soon and you make the wedding!

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  3. Lots of posts about this today, but no one else has mentioned needing to attend a daughter’s wedding. I am keeping fingers crossed for you!

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  4. Thoughts and prayers your way that you are able to get to the wedding. Definitely put my whining about cancelled conferences into perspective! And sorry that your other relatives won’t be able to visit.

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  5. I hope you are able to get to your daughter’s wedding! That would be horrible to miss or reschedule. In my years of teaching, I have found that my students often work through significant events from the news (hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.) and their fears in their creative writing. I have never come up against a situation where the fear involved being hated for a disease at a time when so much racism and misinformation is flying around the world, leading to persecution of people. I think you made a good, and difficult, call with your student.

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